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Do you have an antique or expensive timepiece that needs restoration and complete repair in Saint Louis MO? Don’t trust it in inexperienced hands, and don’t choose the first repair shop that pops up on Google. When you visit our Creve Coeur location, near St Louis, you’re getting the benefit of our technicians’ years of experience. Our talented team evaluates watches, efficiently. We can accurately diagnose and treat any underlying issues.

As a locally owned and operated business, we take pride in helping Creve Coeur residents with their custom jewelry and watch repair issues. Our focus is on our customers, and we strive to provide great customer service, lasting results, and an exceptional experience each time.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are experienced and trained to work on all brands and types of watches. We’re ready to discuss the issues, challenges, and problems you’re facing with your precious timepieces or jewelry.

We invite our customers to schedule a time to talk with our jewelers, watchmakers, and technicians. During your appointment, you’ll get a chance to talk directly with the professional servicing your timepiece.

When you trust the team at Watch Technicians with your jewelry and watches, you’re sure to get the industry’s best advice from experts who have a passion for great timepieces and a dedication to customer satisfaction and service. No issue is too big or too small for our skilled technicians.

We’re proud to provide the highest quality watch repair in Creve Coeur. Replacing watch and jewelry parts is a delicate procedure. It takes a top-notch trained professional and state-of-the-art equipment to do watch repairs right. Therefore, we offer full, not partial, timepiece repair services. Our experts have the skills and tools needed to make your watch look and function like new.

Our trained watchmakers and technicians are proud to do their repair work in a timely fashion. There’s no need to wait to find watch repair, and there’s certainly no need to risk losing a valuable, one-of-a-kind timepiece because of a shipping issue. That’s why we offer drop-off services, where customers can leave their items at our watch repair shop and pick them up at their convenience.

Our skilled watchmaker can restore your vintage piece. Whether it’s a unique family heirloom, an investment, or an antique, we can restore watches of any age. We provide a range of watch repair services in the Creve Coeur and St Louis area.

With decades of combined experience, a bench jeweler understands the intricate nature of fine jewelry repair. We take pride in jewelry education and we have over 80 years of knowledge collectively. We combine traditional tools and the latest technologies and complete most repairs the following business day. Sometimes, repairs are done the same day the pieces are brought in. We’ll let you know roughly how long it will take but we do our best to provide same day returns.

Our expert jewelry repair team has serviced everything from a wedding band and a diamond engagement ring to custom jewelry passed down from generation to generation. Mens jewelry, womens jewelry, and even baby jewelry! We understand that diamond prices are expensive but servicing your piece doesn’t have to be. When you bring your jewelry to us, we promise your jewelry is in excellent hands.

We take a professional approach to jewelry repair. Our methods ensure that customers leave our local store satisfied. We can also assure customers that we follow the jewelry repair industry’s highest quality standards.

We know jewelry can be attached to a special memory and we specialize in engraving for those very special gifts. Let us be your special day gift guides! Whether you need help with your valentines day gifts, wedding party gift ideas, or even birthday party gifts, we can help you with a sentimental inscription to be remembered forever.

We even take pride in smaller jobs like diamond resetting or a bracelet repair. We’ve seen all precious metals, jewelry manufacturing, fashion jewelry, every jewelry collection, engagement ring styles, wedding ring styles, tons of jewelry designer styles, and everything in between. If you want us to explore the collection you own and finally visit that much needed jewelry consultant, we’re just a phone call away. We’re happy to evaluate your pieces and let you know what can be done. We understand how exciting jewelry buying can be but each piece of jewelry needs to be properly cared for to maintain it’s perfection.

  • Ring sizing with same-day service in most cases
  • Jewelry cleaning
  • Rhodium plating
  • Jewelry polishing
  • Engraving
  • Ring mounting
  • Gemstone setting
  • Stone matching
  • Chain repair
  • Soldering
  • Earring repair
  • Necklace repair
  • Jewelry clasp replacement
  • Refinishing
  • Bead and pearl restringing

Call our jewelry care team to find out how we can help you get your pieces back to like-new condition with same-day jewelry repair. We can also help you select your store closest to you. If you’d prefer to chat online, you can find our live chat available at the bottom of our site.

If you’ve purchased a ring as a gift without knowing their size, it’s a guessing game. Especially when you buy online from a jewelry store. The easiest way of course is to measure their finger with a ring guide. You can find ring charts online or at your local jewelry store. We can even measure your finger at our store. But when it’s a surprise, it’s a bit harder. When you’re resizing a ring for yourself, sometimes it’s necessary. You don’t want it too tight or too loose. Weight gain or loss can affect your finger size and it’s likely that you’ll need to have a ring resized. We’re more than happy to be your properly and we’ll do our best to see that it does. We love to resize rings and the resizing process is easy. At Watch Technicians in Creve Coeur, we’re the best local jeweler you’ll find. We’re honored to meet your needs with our same-day ring resizing service.

Sameday ring resizing is one of our most popular jewelry services because it allows our customers to get the proper fit when they need it. If your ring is brought in by a certain time, we’ll make sure you get it back by closing time. We’ll do our best to provide these ring resizing services, but it’s important to consider that it depends on the ring. Some types of rings may not be eligible for same-day resizing. Regardless of the material, we’ll do our best to ensure a quick turnaround time for our customers. The cost of resizing depends on a lot of factors. We’ll be sure to give you an estimate while you’re in our local store. We’ll also recommend any ring repair we see in addition to needing your ring to be resized.

Our expert jewelers resize all types of rings to make sure you leave with the correct size. We can help resize an eternity band, platinum ring, the perfect engagement ring, a wedding ring, a class ring, a men’s ring, or a piece of costume jewelry. We can get the job done. Not all designs and metals can be resized, such as tungsten. If you’re buying a tungsten ring for a gift or for yourself, it’s best to ensure proper sizing at the time of purchase. Regardless, you’ll be ready to wear your ring in no time. Also, don’t forget to ask our team about jewelry cleaning. You’ll look fabulous after you let us clean and polish your jewelry.

Swiss Watch Repair

Our technicians and master watchmakers are ready to maintain or repair your luxury timepiece. No job is too small or too big, and we’re proud to get your watch running like new again with Swiss watch repair Creve Coeur. We know how popular Swiss watches are among our customers, and we realize how valuable they can be. We’re focused on Swiss watch service, and if you think something is wrong with yours, we invite you to schedule a free estimate for Swiss watch repair. During that time, we’ll inspect and diagnose your timepiece before making no-obligation recommendations.

Though watch repair is one of the areas in which we excel, that’s not all we do. We also offer thorough Swiss watch inspections. Our valuables, such as our computers, phones, and cars, need occasional maintenance, and watches are no exception. Most Swiss watches should be serviced every three to five years to ensure proper function. With our watch maintenance services, your timepiece will keep on ticking for many years to come.

Our Swiss watch maintenance and repair services usually take about two to four weeks from beginning to end. Why does it take so long? Simply put, it’s because of the care and pride we put into every step. No Swiss watch leaves our shop until we ensure that the repairs are done to the highest standard, and we back those standards with a one-year warranty.

We offer top-quality watch battery replacement services at our Creve Coeur location. Our trained, skilled technicians can diagnose and resolve almost any battery-related issue. Our services go far beyond simple battery replacement, though; we go much deeper than that. After replacing your timepiece’s battery, we’ll seal it up perfectly. Our multi-step battery replacement process includes:

It doesn’t take long to replace a watch battery. Most jobs can be done in 10-15 minutes

  • A detailed inspection of your watch’s condition
  • Thorough servicing
  • Gasket inspection
  • High-quality batter installation
  • Gasket re-sealing for continued water resistance
  • Pressure testing
  • No-cost band cleaning
  • Five years of unlimited battery replacement

We offer several options for watch battery replacement Creve Coeur. Of course, you can start with a conventional battery change, but most of our customers opt for the package including five years of unlimited watch battery replacement. We’ll service and clean your timepiece, lubricate its gaskets, or replace them if necessary. With our pressure testing services, we’ll ensure that your watch is sealed and protected from dirt, dust, air, and water.

Watch Restoration

A well-built timepiece is made to last, and many are passed down for generations. Owning such a watch isn’t just a great way to build a legacy, it’s also a way to strengthen your financial portfolio. Recent research shows that luxury watches tend to increase in value.
If you own a watch of high sentimental or financial value, you will, of course, want to keep it in top condition. In some instances, however, forgotten timepieces may lose some of their shine and function. This is relatively normal, especially if a watch hasn’t been maintained for years.
The Creve Coeur area’s hot, muggy climate can damage watches that are unprotected, and the best way to bring your watch back to peak condition is to hire a watch restoration expert. Thankfully, the team of experts at Watch Technicians are proficient in (and passionate about) the process.

Our watch restoration method involves the following steps:

A complete overhaul of the movement. The mechanism inside a watch, especially a model that’s been built by a skilled watchmaker, is intricate. While components are built to last, the mechanism itself is fragile and likely to become damaged. Movement replacement needs to be done by a professional. When customers bring seriously deteriorated time pieces to us, it’s our goal to get those watches functioning like new again. This step is rather complicated. First, we’ll dismantle and inspect the timepiece, identifying the source of any mechanical issues. To the extent possible, we’ll repair and clean components, but in some instances, we may have to replace certain parts such as the gasket and mainspring. From there, we’ll direct our focus to calibration. With this step, we’ll ensure that the watch tells time correctly now and in the future. Once the parts have been cleaned and lubricated thoroughly, reassembly starts. This is one of the most difficult parts of the process, and our master technicians take care to ensure your timepiece’s future durability.

A thorough polishing. With the watch’s internal parts brought back to peak condition, it’s now time to focus on its outer appearance. A significant portion of a luxury timepiece’s value is in the way it looks, not just how it works. We’re well aware of this fact, and we’ll take steps to ensur that your watch looks like new. Our technicians will refurbish and polish the case and the band. Quality control is our top priority, and all restored watches are subjected to three days’ worth of supplemental testing. We want every customer to feel as if their timepiece has been returned to them in like-new condition. Our watch polishing process includes full refurbishing and polishing of the band and the case, pressure testing for water resistance, strict quality controls, and a one-year satisfaction and service guarantee.

Crystal glass replacement. A watch’s crystal or glass is typically the part that first shows wear and damage. That’s why we usually recommend that our customers replace their watch crystals with a more rugged material. For instance, sapphire crystals are highly scratch-resistant and very durable. A sapphire crystal is very tough, ranking just below diamonds on the Mohs hardness scale. If your expensive watch can have the crystal replaced, opting for a sapphire crystal is a great step toward renewal.

Do you need watch restoration? We’re here to help! To find a reputable restoration specialist, it’s important to find out how long the company has been in business. Watch Technicians has served the area for more than 80 years.

During that long history, we’ve serviced some of the most well-known watch brands, including Omega, Rolex, and Patek Philippe. We will treat your timepiece as if it were our own, and we’ll do everything possible to restore it to like-new condition. Visit us online or call us today for watch restoration in Creve Coeur.


Are you searching for customized promotional products, or do you want to give a unique, memorable gift to a friend or a family member? Our engravers can help you make your next occasion even more special.

At Watch Technicians, we can customize a range of items. Our goal is to deliver unforgettable products for all occasions, and our laser engraving methods create clear images and readable text. Call us today to find out how we can give your next event that special touch.

Whether you’re holding an awards ceremony or looking for a special gift, we’ve got you covered with laser engraving for all occasions and most items. Are you giving your workers a reward for their hard work? Ask us how we can put the company’s logo on high-quality promotional items like picture frames, metal and glass awards, and metal plaques. Are you celebrating school spirit? We can engrave awards, trophies, and gifts. Let the experts at Watch Technicians help you celebrate your team’s accomplishments in a unique and enduring way.

We can engrave items such as:

Metal plaques, picture frames, and statuettes for corporate awards

Wooden plaques, display cases, shadowboxes, and trophies to celebrate your school’s accomplishments

Party favors for weddings, banquets, anniversaries, and family reunions

Necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, and other jewelry, to give your next birthday or anniversary gift a personal touch

Our experts will walk you through the process from the initial design to the finished product. Call or visit us today for laser engraving.

You can count on the team at Watch Technicians in Creve Coeur

Some of life’s pleasures, such as fine jewelry and high-quality timepieces, are simple. But maintaining them can be complicated. With our watch and jewelry repairs, engraving, clock repair, and other services, it’s easy to keep your most treasured possessions in great condition.

Whether you’re looking for watch repair in At Louis or jewelry repair in St Louis, we hold the bar high and our customers come first.

Our Creve Coeur location is located 10 minutes northwest of the Saint Louis Galleria. 20 minutes east of downtown St Louis MO. 10 minutes just north of Des Peres.

Our store hours, phone number, and address are located at the top of this page. You can contact us or visit us at our Creve Coeur location for efficient and professional service.