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Pocket Watch Repair in St. Louis

Are you in need of professional pocket watch repair in the St. Louis area? Watch Technicians take pride in their work. We have two locations in the St. Louis area, and we offer quick turnaround times.

In addition to pocket watch repair, we also specialize in Des Peres jewelry repair and wristwatch repair.

Even though pocket watches are less common than they were hundreds of years ago, they’re still fashionable to many around the world.

Can you still buy a pocket watch?

Like cars, and other material objects, most watches have their place in the world. And like the wristwatch, everyone has different tastes, preferences, and needs. The pocket watch is no different. Pocket watches are made to hit every price point. Whether you use your pocket watch daily, wear one strictly for fashion, or display them at home as a conversation piece. No matter your taste, there is a pocket watch out there for you. But which brands are the best? There are many brands of pocket watch manufacturers, so the answer is not so simple. But a few of our favorites include:

Elgin Watch Company

Elgin Watch Company, also known as Lord Elgin or Lady Elgin, was a watchmaker that produced quality pocket watches from 1864 to 1968. Their watch craftsmanship is just one of the many watch manufacturers that we appreciate. Unfortunately, their manufacturing was brought to an end in 1968 and the name was purchased by MZ Berger. Any watch produced with an Elgin-brand after the year 1968 is in no relation to the original Elgin Watch Company.

Pocket Watch As A Family Heirloom

Pocket watches are unique and always have a story to tell. Each mentioned above has taken their time to create a well-crafted timepiece for all of us to enjoy.

Do you have a pocket watch that needs servicing? We offer quick turnaround times and are always willing to look your piece over before we quote a price.

We have two watch repair locations in Des Peres and Creve Coeur just east of St. Louis. Have questions? Contact our team today!

Illinois Watch Company

Illinois Watch Company was founded by John Bunn, John Adams, and others in 1870. In 1928 Hamilton Watch Company bought the Illinois Watch Company from Mr. Bunn and Mr. Adams.

After World War I, many watchmakers noticed a decline in pocket watch sales and an increase in wristwatches. Now in the 21st century, we’ve seen the same thing between smartwatches and wristwatches. But rest assured pocket watches and wristwatches will always have their place. Their distinctive beauty and intricate internal designs will continue to be appreciated by the masses for centuries to come.

Waltham Watch Company

The Waltham Watch Company started in 1850 and has gone on to become a well known brand in the watch industry. They are known for their innovation in creating precision instruments from 1850 to 1957.

Their first pocket watch was made in America of standard parts. Eventually the Waltham Watch Company stopped production when the American Civil War started.

Later they had trouble staying open, so they created a low cost watch that was known to be a fad at the time. However, this watch that was sold to union soldiers was almost half of their entire sales.

Waltham is a sought after brand today and their pocket watches are still made and sold with the Waltham brand.

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