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Maintaining Your Mechanical Watch

Maintaining Your Mechanical Watch

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Maintaining Your Mechanical Watch

A good watch doesn’t just keep time. It’s a constant presence in your life, a family heirloom, a fashion accessory, a conversation piece, and so much more. Your watch is a statement about who you are.

While many watch owners enjoy the simplicity and ease of a quartz watch, there’s no matching the impeccable craftsmanship and elegance of a mechanical watch, like the Rolex or the Omega. With a little bit of attention and TLC, this refined timepiece will last you a lifetime.

Winding Down

The real beauty of the mechanical watch lies in its symbiotic relationship with its owner. While self-winding mechanical watches are available, there’s nothing quite like the pleasure of winding your mechanical watch by hand. Each wind will typically last for 40 hours, although some brands can last up to ten days!

Mechanical watches keep time via a tightly coiled spring surrounded by a delicate web of immeasurably fine engineering. Proper care is the key to precise timekeeping, so here are a few pointers on how to keep your mechanical watch in tip-top condition.

Take your watch off your wrist before you wind it. The awkward angle can put an unhealthy strain on the internal mechanism.
Don’t overwind. The crown will naturally stop turning when the spring is wound, so don’t try to give it that extra crank.
Wind once a day. The mechanism will work best when the spring is at or above 50% coil tension. It’s not the end of the world if you forget, but it is good practice to form a daily habit.
Self-Winding Watches

You can also purchase a ‘self-winding’ or automatic mechanical watch. With frequent wear, an automatic watch will wind itself using nothing but the energy of your arm movement! However and usually you can set them down with no motion and it will run for 24 0r 36 ,72 depending on the movement of the specific watch you have if you don’t wear it very often, give the crown of your self-winding mechanical watch 20 to 30 rotations before setting the time. This will keep it ticking smoothly and help it keep time precisely.

Additional Care

Beyond regular winding, here are a few more handy tips for your watch’s general care. Wipe down the face and straps regularly with a soft damp cloth and store it in its box for safekeeping when not in use.

Your watch is a delicate machine, so be gentle with it! An accidental bump is inevitable but be wary of heavy hits. External shocks and friction can throw your watch’s mechanisms out of joint, as can magnets nearby.

Don’t expose your watch to heavy chemicals, or let it sit out in the sun for extended periods, as this can cause fading. And while it can handle an occasional splash, you probably don’t want to take your luxury watch snorkeling, regardless of its water resistance.

Beyond Home Maintenance

For more in-depth care, your watch should receive routine maintenance from a professional, ideally every two or three years. But when you own a luxury mechanical watch, you can’t entrust its care and keeping to just anyone. You need to know that your timepiece is in responsible hands.

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