review rating 5  Shadi and team at Watch & Jewelry Repair Center do top quality work! They brought a non working Vintage 1960’s Automatic Dive Watch back to life!I am extremely happy with the results! If you are in need of Watch Repair or Service stop by and visit, I am glad I did!They also brought a 2005 Citizen Nighthawk back to life as well!!!

    thumb Richard Bledsoe

    review rating 5  I took two Seiko watches for repair. They did a great job on both items. One was fixed while I waited and the other required a cleaning and overhaul. Both watches running fine. I am bringing them another patient next month.

    thumb Marc Miller

    review rating 5  My family and me have done business with this company 3 times and every experience was wonderful! Very knowledgeable staff and they go out of their way to achieve excellent customer service! Ask for Shadi, he’s the best!

    thumb rebecca kaelin

    review rating 5  The staff was very nice and helpful! I had to replace my watch band. I was in and out of the store within 5 minutes. I’ll definitely be back.

    thumb Elizabeth Winkle

    review rating 5  Fast, efficient, affordable. I was greeted as I entered. The tech asked me to have a seat while he took my two watches into his workroom. A few minutes later he invited me to look closely at a problem he uncovered in one. It was a seldom worn dedication watch which I decided not to go further with to repair. After removing the battery to prevent any further damage, he closed it up and returned it to me. Meanwhile, a second tech replaced the batteries in my vintage Pulsar, checked the operation, set the time and I was ready to go. I was charged only for the Pulsar batteries and I was on my way with a "Thank You" and an invitation to return. Friendly and knowledgeable folks. An altogether pleasant experience!

    thumb glencarbonchris

    review rating 5  The best watch repair shop place in Stlouis .check them out

    thumb brittish williams


Most frequent questions and answers

Most brands recommend average of about 5 years. This also depends on how often you wear your watch.  is it your daily driver or in the safe or a weekend watch? The more you wear your watch the better for the mechanics, but we recommend every 4 years why wait to the last minute, if it’s worn and stored properly then you can wait 5 or 6 years, but your watch is like a car that needs oil change every so often, if you bring it to our Technicians you will receive a picture of the insides of your watch before and after service upon request. Please do so before work is done.

All brands. We are proud to say that our technicians are trained and certified to work on all watch brands and graduated from the best watchmaking schools in the country.

Yes. We are a professional watch company that handles your Timepiece in a responsible way, all our tools and machines are Swiss made, used by the Watch Brands themselves. We have Technicians on premises, A Watch Maker, A Jeweler and A Clock Master.

We do not ship your watch out, most companies advertise that they do watch repair but 90% of the industry ship out to a third party company and that results in the time and cost going up. The key benefits

  • Cost
  • Time frame
  • We think this is the most important one – the communication with the Technicians. You can have a one on one with the Technicians that work on your watch and explain exactly what needs to be done.

All watch batteries while you wait about 10-15 minutes, we are located next to Dierbergs Markets so drop off your repair and walk next door for grocery shopping.

When you replace your watch battery you have to open the watch and that breaks the seal. So it’s important to seal your watch back to avoid moisture or water damage and that’s way many responsible stores or department stores say we have to ship your watch out. The worst thing you can do is open the watch and close it back without making sure the watch is sealed properly, that’s why many people these days get foggy glass or water inside their watch without knowing the reason behind it.
Every watch we open we make sure it’s sealed back correctly to avoid damaging your watch. We also follow the manufacturer’s guide lines with the necessary steps. We also include a free of charge 5 year battery guarantee, so you can replace your battery once a year with us. The same process every time, free of charge with peace of mind.

Absolutely our certified in house watch makers are trained to work on all swiss watches and this service typically takes about 2-4 weeks we follow all the steps necessary unless there is an exception will keep you updated and All our work comes with a warranty.

Depends on the type of crystal, mineral or sapphire and the shape, usually most of the time same day or while you wait, depending on stock. 

5 Years, meaning all batteries changed under manufacture guide lines comes with 5 years guarantee meaning unlimited replacement for 5 yrs same process every time, usually battery will last about a 1-2 years depending on the watch and its use. 

The best way for us to determine cost and time frame is by seeing your watch in hand, often watch owners are not exactly sure what repairs are needed.

No, all estimates are free for watches, jewelry and clocks.

Yes absolutely. Most while you wait. the most common ones are Citizen (Eco-Drive) and Seiko.

Absolutely, in Store we have a huge verity of genuine leather, stainless steel and rubber bands, free install on all our bands sold in store.

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watch repair near to me
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