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Same-Day Ring Resizing

If you bought a ring for someone else without knowing their size there’s a chance it won’t fit. Changes in finger-size are another reason you will need to get a ring resized. If that is the case, you have definitely come to the right place. At Watch Technicians, we can easily take care of all your ring resizing needs. One of our most popular services is same-day ring resizing. It allows you to get the perfect ring fast. If you bring us the ring by a certain time in the morning, we will make sure that you can pick it up by the time we close. We will try our best to provide this service for you. But, keep in mind that some more complex rings may not be eligible for single-day re-sizing.

Can All Rings Be Sized

We resize all ring types! Wedding bands, engagement rings, eternity bands, men’s rings, class rings, costume rings…we’ve worked on them all. Unfortunately, not all metals and designs can be altered. The following types of rings are impossible to resize.
If you are purchasing one of these choices, then you should try your best to ensure you buy the correct size.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Ring Resized?

The answer to the question can vary from case to case. To be as transparent as possible, we will attempt to give you an estimate before we start work. That way you can decide whether our services are for you. The cost of the ring resizing depends on the ring material, ring design, stone type, and thickness of the band. Sterling Silver Rings: This is one of the easiest materials to work with and the least costly. *White Gold Rings: While this is a more expensive material, it is still easy to work with. But, the biggest challenge in working with white gold is the rhodium coating. This must be removed in the resizing process. *Yellow Gold Rings: These rings are not as costly to resize as their white gold counterparts. But, the price will depend on the current price of gold. Platinum Rings: These rings are the most expensive to resize. This material is harder to work with and requires more complex processes to resize. *If your gold jewelry is discolored, we can bring it to its original sheen with rhodium plating. After treatment, your ring will resist scratches and have a white, reflective appearance. We recommend rhodium plating every 12-18 months to maintain the beauty of your gold ring.

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