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Rose & The 3 Rings: Why Perfect Ring Size Matters

Rose & The 3 Rings: Why Perfect Ring Size Matters

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Rose & The 3 Rings: Why Perfect Ring Size Matters

Once upon a time, there was a lady named Rose. Ever since she was a little girl, she’s pictured her wedding day as a sort of fairytale, with the perfect venue, the perfect food, and of course, the perfect ring.

Up until now though, her ring-buying experience had been anything but a dream come true.

This ring’s too big:

Rose’s promise ring was too big, to say the least.

She and her boyfriend Ryan had been dating for a year when he gave it to her, but he had no clue what her ring size was! Not wanting to ask her and ruin the surprise, he took his best guess, got her a size 9 ring, and was off by 2 sizes!

For Rose, having an oversized ring was troublesome.

The top part of the ring where the stone was held was heavier than the rest of the ring, causing it to spin around her finger and never sit right. Because her ring was so large, Rose felt nervous about wearing it, as she feared it would fall off of her finger.

She took the advice of a friend and placed sizing bands inside of the ring, but the difference was not enough to keep it from sliding around her finger. She talked to her partner and they decided to get the problem ring resized, but not before trying more solutions going as far as using quick-drying glue along the inside of the ring, which fell off every few days of use.

Talk about inconvenient!

The worst part came when she was swimming at the beach and didn’t take off her promise ring. It was a warm summer day and she had read that higher temperatures cause the fingers to expand and rings to fit more tightly, so she thought she would be fine. She had an appointment to get the ring permanently resized at a local jeweler in a few days, but after paddling in the waves and soaking up the sun, she returned to the beach and noticed that her ring was gone!

Despite the warmer weather, the ring was just loose enough to fall off and get lost in the swirling ocean current. She and her partner had searched for the ring for hours, but to no avail.

This Ring’s Too Small:

When picking out her engagement ring, her boyfriend Ryan decided to get a smaller ring so that what happened to the promise ring would never happen again. He still wanted to maintain an element of surprise though, so he asked her friends her ring size and tried to covertly measure her finger and decided on a size 6 this time.

When it came time to pop the question, it was a wonderful experience, but something wasn’t quite right. Rose struggled to get the ring on and had to wait until she could use soap and water to slide the ring in place, which felt constricting. While she was thankful that this ring wouldn’t fall off as her promise ring had, she was worried that she couldn’t get it off even if she wanted to. They got engaged on Christmas Eve in the wintertime, so if the ring was this right then, she didn’t want to imagine how it would feel in August.

Instead of waiting for a solution, they immediately made an appointment to get it resized but got some bad news:

The beautiful engagement ring she was wearing was made of Tungsten, a material too hard to resize, unlike their more traditional silver, gold, or platinum counterparts. Rose was upset, not at the ring itself, but from the idea that she’d never find her perfect fit.

That’s when her jeweler suggested that she get her finger professionally sized so she’d never have to guess at her ring size again. After a few moments, she discovered what her and her partner wished they had known all along: that she was a size 7.

This ring’s just right:

Fast forward to their wedding day and everything was the fairytale she had always dreamed of. The venue was extravagant, the food was delicious and when it came time for that all-important moment to exchange vows and present each other the rings, her’s was a perfect fit.

Although her ring buying journey hadn’t been a smooth one, she was thankful for the lessons she had learned along the way.

Always get your ring size professionally measured if possible
If you aren’t sure of your partner’s size, avoid metals like Tungsten that can’t be altered
When it doubt, it is better to have a ring that is a little larger than a little smaller
Do you have a ring in need of resizing?