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In need of expert Seiko watch repair in St Louis? We service St Louis and its surrounding areas to ensure you receive quality service. When your watch needs servicing, you want to trust your watch in the hands of a profession.

Is SEIKO A Good Watch Brand?

Yes, Seiko is a wonderful brand. Some will even compare their Grand Seiko models to high-end Swiss brands including Rolex. While Rolex are the Rolls-Royce of watches, this doesn’t mean that other watch brands are bad.

Common Maintenance Issues With SEIKO Watches

Seiko timepieces are well known for their superior craftsmanship and reliability, but even the finest devices need maintenance from time to time. Seikos are particularly susceptible to catching dust and dirt in tiny crevices and require cleaning at least a few times per year. We have many satisfied customers who come to us regularly for this service. Apart from cleaning, you’ll want to visit our shop for maintenance or repair if your watch:

Was exposed to extreme temperatures.

Has a scratched or damaged crystal.

Doesn’t keep time correctly.

Has a detached band or metal bracelet.

Our experts will take a look at your watch no matter the issue and get it back to perfect working condition in a short amount of time. We can perform services ranging from a simple battery replacement to fixing the internal gears after your warranty expires. 

How Much Dose It Cost To Repair a SEIKO Watch

The cost to repair a Seiko depends on what needs to be repaired on the watch. This goes with any watch repair. If you’re not sure what’s wrong with your watch, bring it in to us. We can identify the problem and give you an estimate.

Seiko, like many other watch companies, have special tools. These tools allow Seiko’s skilled technicians the ability to perform various watch tasks. This can be something as simple as taking the back off and repairing. Or something more time-consuming like disassembling the entire watch.

Watch Technicians are highly skilled and trained to perform numerous jobs across many watch brands. We take our time to ensure that the right work is done to give your watch many more years of life.

Seiko recommends having their watches serviced every 2-3 years. We always recommend what the manufacturer recommends for their watches. Many Seiko watch owners don’t service their watches, but we recommend you do.

What Makes a Seiko Watch Authentic?

Before you spend time and money on Seiko watch repair, you may want to make sure that your quartz watch is authentic. If your watch is new, it will come with a guarantee card that provides information about the warranty period. If you buy a used Seiko brand watch, you’ll need to look for other characteristics, such as:

The original Seiko logo which you can compare with official versions online.

A 6-digit serial number, or 7-digit for watches made before 1970.

Development and model numbers joined together by a scramble.

A dial code that can be found around the 6 o’clock mark.

The watch experts at our shop can confirm if your Seiko is authentic and perform any repairs or maintenance your timepiece might need. 

SEIKO Watch Repair In Saint Louis

At Watch Technicians, our team always goes above and beyond for our customers servicing needs. Do you have a Seiko watch that needs to be serviced? Need a quote? We can help.

Our watch repair technicians are located in Des Peres and Creve Coeur just east of St. Louis If you have questions, click here to find a store closest to you. Contact our team today!

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