Luxury Swiss Watch Repair

At Watch Technicians in St Louis, we’re an experienced team of master watchmakers ready to repair or service your luxury watch. No job is too big or too small for us – we’ll get your timepiece running like brand new again.

We specialize in Swiss watch service, a type of watch we know is popular with customers and a valuable piece to have on your wrist. If you feel like something is wrong with your watch but don’t quite know what, come to us for a free estimate. Here we will inspect your watch and figure out what might be wrong with it, all cost free.

Our Luxury Watch Repair

Here at Watch Technicians, we deal with the finest watches available. We repair, service, change batteries and clean up watches of all brands like Rolex, Omega, Breitling and more. Our craftsmen don’t just do service; we care for your watch with accurate precision each and every time.

For a standard watch, we can even get you a same day repair or replacement. Whether your watch has stopped working, or you’d just like a new model, our team is happy to take yours for you.

See our elaborate list of luxury watch repair and Swiss watch repair services at Watch Technicians:

Restoration and Refurbishment
Alignment of Watch Hands and Markers
Link Addition or Removal
Brand Authentication
Battery Replacement (includes Water Resistance Testing and 5-year warranty)
Case Refinishing & Polishing
Band/Strap Repair, Replacement, Refinishing, or Resizing
Crystal/Glass Replacement (Sapphire, Mineral)
Dial Repair & Restore
Gasket Replacement
Movement Replacement
Modifications for Seiko watches
Water Resistance Testing (Pressure Testing)
Stem & Crown Refinishing/Polishing
For mechanical high-end watches like Rolex, Omega, or Invicta, we offer service and overhaul.

That’s right, our skilled watchmakers can do all that. When they’re done, they’ll ensure your watch is beautifully clean and every little mechanism is back in the correct place. You would barely know it had been touched apart from it’s incredible new feel.

Our Swiss Watch Service

It’s not just repair that our watchmakers can provide for you and your timepiece, but Swiss watch inspection. All of our other prized possessions like, our cars and phones, need a little MOT from time to time. Your watch is no exception.

We recommend servicing your model every 3-5 years. This is ensures that it is running properly like it should. A service for your luxury watch every so often helps keep it ticking smoothly and will help prevent a potential malfunction down the line.

Our Swiss watch repair service typically takes our certified in-house watchmakers around 2-4 weeks to complete. This is because we take pride and care in every step, making sure it is completed with our high standards. What’s better is our services come with a one year warranty, too.


The team at Watch and Jewelry Repair did an excellent job at polishing up my Breitling watch. I have owned the watch for 4yrs and never had it polished. It was dull and scratched up. The watch looks like brand new. All the scratches are gone and I am blinded by the shine. I was going to take it to Simons in Clayton where I had purchased it but they were too expensive and they were going to send it out to get the work done. It would have taken them a couple weeks to get it back to me. The team at Watch and Jewelry Repair only took a couple days to complete the job. Very satisfied and will do business with them again.
- Dennis S.
I was quoted up to $200 at a previous jeweler to replace a capacitor and crystal on my Citizen watch. Watch Technicians told me it only needed a crystal, repair costing $39.99. Very professional, they have my business from now on.
- Gary A.
I have had several good experiences with this store. I have had 5 rings sized and 2 watch batteries replaced by them. They are very nice and call you back promptly with the prices and suggestions on how to fix my jewelry. I would highly recommend them for any of watch or jewelry needs!
- Karen T.
I was at the mall, and my Movado Museum watch needed a new battery. Before I tried these guys, I'd leave it with the jeweler I bought it from. It took about 2 weeks. Watch Technicians has a great deal on lifetime battery replacement, and they did it while I waited! The repair technician was super knowledgeable and explained everything to me, which I really appreciated. I ended up replacing the crystal, which was scratched, and I bought a new band. It was less money than the jewelry store and very convenient.
- Joy M..