The Biggest Mistake in Watch Battery Replacement

The Biggest Mistake in Watch Battery Replacement

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The Biggest Mistake in Watch Battery Replacement

When you have a valuable timepiece, you want to take care of it. This means routine maintenance, and from time to time, you will need to replace the battery.

But one of the biggest mistakes people make when replacing a watch battery is taking it to a pawn shop, Walmart, or another free or bargain-basement service. These types of places are not specialists, so you run the risk of damaging your timepiece unnecessarily.

Leave Watch Battery Replacement to the Professionals!
Watch battery replacement is a highly technical procedure and one best left to professionals. Do not try this at home!

An inexperienced or uncertified watch repair technician could make errors that will end up costing you. In the end, that “free” battery replacement will be a costly lesson in what not to do.

What Can Go Wrong?

There is most certainly a right and wrong way to replace your watch’s battery. Here are some of the most common watch battery replacement mistakes we tend to see:

Watch Not Sealed Properly After Battery Replacement

After a new battery is installed, a pressure test is necessary to check that the watch is sealed correctly. If it isn’t, your watch will no longer be water-resistant and you might be on the hook for a costly repair. When your watch is serviced or repaired by a professional, they will always do a pressure check to be sure it’s sealed properly!

Avoid Free Battery Replacements or “Bargain” Repair Services

Some jewelry repair services only do a cosmetic repair, meaning they will open and close the watch without performing any in-depth inspection of the timepiece. An inexpensive or free battery replacement only scratches the surface of proper watch care. If there are any issues, you’ll be back at square one.

As a watch owner, you’ll benefit by choosing a qualified watch technician. Don’t just hand your watch off to the first department store you can find. Watch battery replacement is technical and precise, so much so that many jewelry shops and department stores outsource their watch repairs or flat-out refuse to do them.

The Solution: Best-in-Class Watch Maintenance and Service

You love your timepiece and want to make it last for years to come. To ensure your watch’s longevity, it needs to be serviced by a certified repair professional – and that includes changing the battery.

When Watch Technicians’ in-house repair experts replace your battery, we take the utmost care, ensuring you of high-quality service and attention to detail.

Here’s what you can expect from us, and what you should always demand from your watch repair service:

Inspection for damages
Gasket seal inspection
High-quality battery installation
Gasket resealing
Manufacturer recommended pressure test (aka H2O test)
We also offer complimentary band cleaning with every repair, plus five years of unlimited battery replacement, so there is no reason to entrust your watch to anyone else.

Watch Technicians is St. Louis’ number one choice for quality watch repairs. If you want the best for your watch, and we know you do, you owe it to yourself to bring it to us. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help.