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Local St. Louis Watch Band Replacement From Trusted Professionals

From sentimental heirlooms to classic luxury timepieces, we’ve helped countless individuals across the greater St. Louis area with watch band replacement, repairs and adjustments. If your watch band has seen better days, you’ve come to the right place.

Our team of highly trained and experienced watch technicians is dedicated to helping you find the perfect replacement band that brings out the best in your timepiece, enhances overall aesthetics, and provides you with a safe and comfortable fit.

Watch Band Replacement Near Me

Watches worn daily are subject to quite a bit of abuse. Moisture, sweat, dirt and simply daily wear can all put undue stress on any band, from metallic to leather. Over time this wear can result in band fraying, broken hinges, missing links, malfunctioning clasps and more. But don’t trust your valued timepiece to just any shop that pops up when you search for “Watch Band Replacement Near Me” online. Put your timepiece in the capable and talented hands of our local St. Louis watch technicians and jewelers.

We bring over 80 years of combined experience to the table, having helped countless area residents find the perfect replacement band for their watches. We work with virtually any type of watch manufactured by any brand.

Call or message us today and find out why we’ve earned a reputation for unbeatable service, uncompromising customer care, and results that are as visually impressive as they are functional.

Band Styles We Replace Include:

  • Leather
  • Metal Link
  • Stretch
  • Rubber / Sports
  • Canvas / Nylon

Our Des Peres watch repairs and restorations will make your Invicta watch look brand new. We will be sure to identify the issue with your watch quickly and efficiently. Whether you have the latest watch model or a vintage timepiece, our experts can handle the repair.

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Common Watch Band Replacement Types & Brands

As a leading watch repair and service shop in St. Louis, we routinely work on a wide range of watch brands and models. Below are a few we commonly replace bands on.

Leather Replacement Watch Band

Leather is an oft-preferred watch band material. It is highly durable, aesthetically pleasing, and comes in a wide range of styles, colors and even patterns to suit virtually any taste or style. Our leather replacement bands are made from only the highest quality leather materials and expertly fitted to your watch for an impressive look and feel that can’t be beat

Stainless steel Bands

Jewel-adorned bands and metallic bands are often flashy statement pieces that draw the eye and complement a wide range of styles and personalities. We work with a spectrum of options and can help you find the perfect replacement band for your timepiece.

Citizen Watch Band Replacement

Since 1930 Citizen Watch Co. has set an impeccable standard of quality, form, and function. Their lines range from those designed for exploring and expedition, to elegant statement pieces perfect for a gala. If your Citizen Watch is in need of band replacement, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Rolex Watch Band Replacement

Founded in 1920, Rolex SA is synonymous with luxury timepieces. The Swiss company expertly assembles watches with meticulous care from the finest materials, with each component conceptualized, designed, developed and manufactured in house. Rolex band replacement can provide your masterpiece with a new life and appeal you’ll be eager to show off.

Timex Watch Band Replacement

Since 1894 Timex has built a reputation on quality timekeeping, manufacturing high-quality timepieces at prices that make them accessible at virtually any budget. Their dedication to consumer needs has propelled them to one of the most prevalent watchmakers worldwide. Find your perfect Timex watch band replacement today. Call or message us to view our selection and have your band expertly replaced.

Invicta Watch Band Replacement

Founded in 1837, this watchmaker has stood the test of time. Headquartered in Hollywood, FL, Invicta blends creative concept designs with innovation, quality, and performance. Find the perfect band replacement for your Invicta Watch today.

Custom Make Your band

do you have a watch that a generic band dont fit and trying to call the manufacturer and discontnued , we can make you a band custome made just for your watch , call us today to find out more

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