At Watch Technicians, we offer premium watch battery replacement services in the St Louis area. We are a professional and skilled team when it comes to fixing your watch related issues. We don’t only replace your batteries; we inspect and repair everything that comes with it. Then, we’ll seal your device back up perfectly afterwards. 

Our certified watch technicians perform a multi-step process that includes:

Overall Inspection of Your Watch
Watch will be serviced
Inspections of Gaskets
Installation of High Quality Battery
Re-sealing of Back Gasket to Maintain Water Resistance*
Watch Pressure test*
Complimentary Band Cleaning
5 years unlimited watch battery replacement



We offer a few options for your watch battery replacement. We can give you a standard battery change. Alternatively, a very popular option we have for customers is a service that includes 5 years unlimited replacement. We’ll service it, clean it inside and out, and lubricate the gaskets, or we’ll replace it depending on its age.
We also offer a pressure test to ensure your model is sealed properly to prevent air, dust and the everyday grub getting in. This also prevents moisture and water damage.

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With every battery changing procedure that we undertake, we ensure we follow the brand’s guidelines. We know it can be scary to have your watch taken apart. But don’t worry, we won’t break it. At Watch Technicians, we know what we’re doing!

If your battery has stopped, or your watch second hand is spinning quickly around, your watch battery is either dead, or about to go.
On average, the batteries we use to replace last 1-2 years, but this depends on what model your watch is. The battery will last less than a year if you leave your watch chronograph on too! So be careful to switch this off when not in use.

Our Warranty

With most all valuable items we own, it’s important to have a warranty. Yet, some companies are excellent at conning you with a warranty. Not us. There’s no secret small print here.

We’ve said our batteries tend to last between 1-2 years. However, our warranty covers 5 years. So, if you get your watch battery replacement with us, you can get unlimited replacement for 5 years each time. Did we mention this warranty is free of charge, too?

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