Watch Hand and Marker Alignment

Watch Hand and Marker Alignment

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The Importance of Hand and Marker Alignment

Alignment is key to proper functionality in our bodies and automobiles.  The same goes with watches which, if out of alignment, cannot accurately tell you the time.  Precise alignment of both the hands and markers assures that your piece is accurate at getting you where you need to go on time.  However, even the smallest misalignment can interfere with its accuracy. General wear and tear, improper assembly during a previous repair, and impact are just a few of the ways misalignment of watch hands or markers can occur.  Hands may touch or scrape each other or even appear to not line up with markers at the correct time.  Hour markers may also become detached or fall off.  The approach used by Watch Technicians to realign hands and markers ensures that your timepiece is accurately displaying the time.

Watch Hand and Marker Alignment
Watch Hand and Marker Alignment

Precision Watch Hand and Marker Alignment

This comprehensive procedure begins with an inspection and diagnosis as to at what point the watch hands are misaligned.  By examining the dial’s condition, they are also able to detect any issues with the markers.  Once diagnosed, technicians will proceed with realigning watch hands and markers.  This may involve carefully removing the hands, realigning, and refitting on the watch movement.  In other cases, markers may need to be adjusted individually or reattached at their correct positions on the dial.

Expert Care for Longevity and Precision

Precision is required to complete this process considering that the slightest misalignment can cause inaccuracy in time reading or damage to the hands such as touching each other or the dial.  Before the process is complete, watchmakers carefully inspect the piece and time-test it to be sure all issues have been resolved and full functionality restored. 

All Watch Technicians’ services, experts will educate you on handling and care to prevent future alignment issues to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your watch.

The Watch Hand and Marker Alignment service provided by Watch Technicians continues to support their mission of professional work with excellent turnaround and precision in performance of your timepiece.watchmaker workshop – opening back cover of wristwatch by bent opener for replacing battery on white background

Watch Hand and Marker Alignment

Our Locations

Each store is staffed with some of the industry’s best jewelry repair and watch repair professionals who provide superior quality services.

What types of jewelry and watches do you repair?

We repair a broad range of jewelry items including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. As for watches, we handle everything from luxury brands to everyday wear watches. Whether it’s a simple battery replacement or intricate restoration, we’ve got you covered.

Do you provide a warranty or guarantee for the repair services?

Absolutely! All our repair services come with specific warranty. If there’s any issue related to our repair within this period, we’ll rectify it at no additional cost.

How long will my repair take?

The repair timeline can vary based on the nature of the issue. However, most repairs are completed within few hours or a few days, We’ll provide a more accurate estimate once we assess the item.

How do you ensure the quality of the repairs?

Our technicians undergo rigorous training and are certified by leading institutions. We use state-of-the-art equipment and genuine parts to ensure the highest quality of repair. Each item goes through a thorough quality check before being returned.

How long have you been in the watch and jewelry repair business?

We’ve been proudly serving our community with top-notch repair services for over 20 years. Our team combines decades of expertise to ensure the best care for your items.

How do you determine the cost of a repair?

The cost is determined based on the complexity of the repair, the materials required, and labor involved. We always provide a detailed estimate before beginning any work to ensure transparency.

Do you offer mail-in repair services?

Yes, we offer a secure mail-in repair service. Simply send your item using our recommended packaging guidelines, and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll keep you updated at every step of the process.

How can I be sure my diamond or gemstone won’t be swapped?

We understand the sentimental and monetary value of your items. Our processes are designed to maintain utmost transparency. You can note any unique features of your gemstone before sending it in. Additionally, our facilities are under constant surveillance, ensuring the safety and integrity of your items.