Watch Service

Watch Service

Step 1: Complete Watch Movement Overhaul

How Watch Technicians perform a complete overhaul of your watch’s movement. We take apart the movement and inspect all individual parts. There is a possibility that we may need to replace a damaged part, but this is very unlikely in a high-end watch. We clean and lubricate each part. And finally we reassemble the movement, put it back together, test its accuracy, and adjust it to the correct timing and time

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Step 2 (Optional) Complete Watch Polishing

Watch Technicians’ complete watch polishing is performed on the exterior parts of the watch. We polish the bracelets, its parts, the case, the bezel all to ensure they look brand new. After we have the watch and its parts fully polished we put the watch back together again. Followed by a rigorous water and moisture resistance test before we return the watch to you. Watch Technicians return your watch with a Watch Technicians’ guarantee.

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Step 3: New Sapphire Crystal

When Watch Technicians clean and restore your watch to look as good as new, it is often necessary to replace the crystal on the watch, due to the watch crystal becoming old and scratched. If a replacement crystal is needed it needs to be purchased separately. The crystals we use are not manufactured by Rolex, but we are confident that we have an excellent replacement, that will be more than adequate, and will beautifully add to the new cleaned, serviced and polished watch.

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Step 4: Replace the Watch Gaskets

To ensure the watch is protected from dust, water, dirt, and anything else that might do it harm, Watch Technicians will replace the gaskets in your watch. The gaskets are then pressure tested. Replacing the gaskets helps your watch remain in good condition in between services.

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Optional Extra Services:

Custom Dial Restoration:

Would you like you us to restore your watch’s dial to its original look, ensuring that it maintains its authenticity and character? The work will be not be carried out on your original dial. The original dial is returned to you with your watch, if you ever decide to reinstall it you can. Watch Technicians work on an authentic Rolex dial according to your watches model, then replace your old dial with the restored dial

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Custom Diamond Bezel:

We will ask you to choose a sparkling new diamond bezel, then we will add it to your watch. Watch Technicians will remove the original bezel and return it to you should you ever desire to return the watch to its original style. You will not lose your original bezel, as it will be replaced by the new one and then returned to you with your watch should you ever wish to return the watch to its original style. We have a fine selection of diamond bezels for you to peruse and choose a new one for your watch.