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My mom always tells me everyone has a story and at the same time everyone has to be on time wherever they go. When you stop and think about think about it that thing on your wrist that tells you the time it typically has a story.

“Well I have a watch that I inherited from my beloved dad. He passed 10 years ago and I kind of kept it in a drawer. I just wasn’t ready to do anything with it yet”

KMOV employee Laurel Lonmon is like a lot of us. She has something precious and doesn’t want anything to happen to it during the repair process.
“When I walked in here and spoke to the people that worked here and asked a lot of questions I felt confident that they could fix it.”
Thanks to Shadi Shalaby and the rest of the Watch and Jewelry Repair Team Laura always has a piece of her father’s time with her.
“A lot of customers come to us and say listen, I’ve been, I’ve been trying all over to find someone to fix this watch or piece of jewelry and it’s been impossible. It’s been in my drawer for years. So they bring it to us, two to three weeks boom your watch is done. And they are extremely happy, with the service, and the timeframe and the price.”
And most customers are pleased with the transparency.
“What we needed to do is have this glass wall to show customers actually the repairs are being done in many cases they like to walk around, and see the repair being done themselves. In most cases people love the fact they can see the watch or ring being worked on right there and then.”
Because your timepiece is fixed in-house it ultimately saves you time. Just like  the owner of this watch needing a crystal replaced. 
“We are replacing the the crystal on it, and that will be done probably in 30 minutes. So this customer dropped it off today and then he is gonna be called today to pick it up. This service anywhere else probably will take about two to three weeks if it’s not longer.”
As time ticks by the rest of the team can repair any type of high-end watch, jewelry or size a ring in just one workday.
“That’s why a lot of customers keep coming back to this store. That means we did the job correctly. That means we’re doing something right. And a lot of people do. We have an enormous amount of consistent business just from repeat customers.”
Repeat customers like Laura who now wears a watch she hadn’t in a very long time.
“It hadn’t been more than 10 years, so they fixed it, changed the link so it would fit me and now I wear my dad’s watch wherever I go.”
There are two watch technician locations in the St Louis area you can go to the one that I visited it’s located at 11 483 Olive Boulevard in Creve Coeur or the store at West County Mall on the first level on the Macy’s side and the phone number is 314 513 8455 Visit them on the web at Watch Technicians Dot Com

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