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Do you own an Omega watch and need to get it repaired? Are you researching the cost of Omega watch repairs before you purchase one? Are you looking for the best Omega watch repair in St. Louis? Well, you found us.

Omega SA is a Swiss luxury watchmaking brand based in Switzerland. Originally founded by Louis Brandt and La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1848 which makes their brand older than Rolex.

The company operated under their initial name, La Generale Watch Co., until they incorporated the name Omega in 1903. Vintage and modern timepieces from Omega are sought after and easily recognized


Omega watches, like many other timepieces, do not guarantee their watches for a lifetime.

However, their international warranty protects timepieces purchased from July 1st, 2018, and beyond for up to five years from the purchase date.

A string of other luxury Swiss watchmakers began extending their warranties to five years after the purchase date. This made them put their new warranty policy in place.

Omega now offers a five-year warranty on all its watches. This goes three years beyond the industry’s standard warranty of two years, which is dictated by European law.

“Several manufacturers in recent years have been extending their warranties to three, four, and five years. This is mainly due to the vast technical improvements made in watch manufacturing over the past decade.” – Carol Besler

Watches purchased with this five-year guarantee are covered for any material and manufacturing defects that exist at the time of purchase. These defects are resolved free of charge from an authorized service center or Omega boutique as a part of their customer care services.

Once a warranty claim is placed with their customer service center, Omega will cover the costs of any spare part replacements. They also guarantee that these materials are replaced by parts with identical or similar characteristics. But it must be identified as necessary by an authorized service center.


This warranty does not cover any typical wear and tear or damage caused by negligence while wearing the timepiece.

This means that any damages caused by typical wear or the environment will not be covered under their five-year warranty.

The manufacturing defects voids warranty if any repair work is done by an unauthorized repair center.

Do you have an Omega watch that needs repairing and want them handled by a professional? Bring your piece to us today!

How Can I Preserve My OMEGA Watch?

omega watch repair


There are four steps you should take to ensure the longevity of your genuine OMEGA watch.

  1. Avoid Prolonged Exposure to Water and Dampness. Although most OMEGA watches are designed to be water resistant, prolonged exposure to water or dampness can damage, deform and discolor the leather bracelet. Furthermore, if any of the gaskets or the case have been damaged, dampness could seep in and damage the watch itself. We highly recommend having your water resistance checked every year at an OMEGA-certified repair center.    

  2. Avoid Exposure to Solvents, Cosmetic Products, Detergents, Perfumes, Etc. Any caustic materials can damage the gaskets and case of your OMEGA watch as well as permeate and discolor leather bracelets. 

  3. Avoid Extreme Temperatures. Temperatures below freezing and above 140F/60C can damage your watch. If you’re on the beach on a hot day and take your watch off, put it inside your bag to protect it from the sun.  

  4. Avoid Heavy Knocks and Magnetic Fields. Highly-durable OMEGA watches are shock-resistant up to 5,000g. However, accidental knocks can create a heavy shock that damages the internal mechanisms. Similarly, strong magnetic fields from refrigerators, handbag clasps, iPad cases, etc. can be damaging to your timepiece. 

By being careful with OMEGA watches, you can enjoy the unparalleled precision that can be expected from this Swiss watchmaker for life. If your watch does get damaged, visit us for quality OMEGA watch repair in St. Louis. 

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