Watch Battery Replacement

We have warranties available on all of our battery replacements. Typically, the battery of the watch lasts only a year or two depending on the use and type of timepiece. When we change your battery, you can expect it to stand the test of time. However, if it doesn’t, and it falls within the warranty, we will replace it for free. We also ensure that the face is sealed properly, and we perform a water-pressure test for free. All of this is done in-house, so you’ll have your watch back on the same day.

Same-Day Watch Band Repair or Replacement

Sometimes you drop your timepiece or hit it against something, cracking the face and damaging the whole thing. During these times, you may wonder “where can I find services for watch repair near me?” We can repair it the same day, even replacing the band or installing a new piece when needed. If you just simply want a new band for your watch, we have an extensive variety of strap options at your disposal.

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Crystal/Glass Replacement

Our staff is skilled at replacing watch glass and crystals from everything from simple to high-end luxury models and even vintage pieces. We often recommend that you switch your face to sapphire glass as it’s scratch resistant. Our skilled professionals can answer any questions you may have regarding your watch.

Watch Band Resizing While You Wait

Buying watches online is convenient and often more affordable. However, the timepieces bought online are often ill-fitting. If you’ve got a watch that doesn’t fit the way you expected then bring it in for resizing. Our expert staff uses precise measurements and fits your watch to look perfect on your wrist.

Watch Servicing and Maintenance

When you’ve had your watch for a few years, you’ll want to service it regularly. When you choose us for your watch maintenance, we’ll completely dismantle your piece, inspecting it and cleaning each component ultrasonically. Our professionals ensure that your entire watch is properly lubricated and properly put back together.

Watch Polishing and Restoration

When you’ve had your watch for many years, it will experience a lot of wear and tear. At Watch Technicians, we restore your timepiece so that it looks and works like new. We replace the glass, polish or replace the band, and polish the case.

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