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Located on the first level inside the Des Peres. MO West County Center closer to Mayc’s end.

Many people that own watches or jewelry will search for what they’re looking for followed by their location. So for instance if you were looking for watch repair in Saint Louis MO, you might search for “watch repair St Louis”. Then you’ll choose the first company that comes up on Google.

It’s much more complicated than this though. Finding quality watch repair and custom jewelry in St Louis MO can be difficult. You have to spend time figuring out who is trustworthy, which watch brands they service, and who has great feedback. You want the best watch repair in St Louis. Well lucky for you, you found them. Watch Technicians are the best watch repair company in the Saint Louis area.

Our locally owned and operated locations, in Des Peres MO and Creve Coeur MO, offer same-day service.

Men and women alike have their favorite accessories they love to wear. Do you have a treasured watch or piece of fine jewelry handed down through generations? The first gift from a significant other? How about a piece you purchased as an investment and want to keep it in pristine condition? Regardless of the reason, your time pieces need to be protected.

With proper maintenance, a vintage piece can last a lifetime. Don’t trust just anyone with your jewelry or watch repair in Saint Louis. We’ve worked on many valuable pieces and our customers are always satisfied with their finished piece. We offer everything from replacing watch bands, crystal replacement, and movement replacement. We can even help with restringing pearls, chain repair, or replacing a watch battery. This ensures your piece works as intended and you preserve its value.

Our experienced team offers many restoration specialties including but not limited to:

Fine timepieces demand routine servicing and maintenance. Over time, the oils used to lubricate the movement of the watch break down. This happens when friction occurs within the piece and leads to the watch not working properly. This is normal because on average, oil lasts between 3 to 4 years. This doesn’t mean your watch will die instantly, but rather the timepiece loses accuracy. If your watch is slowing down, or you notice you’re losing seconds, bring it in to us to service.

Many other things can malfunction on a watch as well. For instance, batteries die and bands break. It’s not a big deal, just head to our stores and we can have this fixed for you right away.

Our team replaces batteries while the customer waits and will repair or replace the band during the same visit. Customers find many watch repairs are completed while they wait, including crystal or glass replacement. Nevertheless, when replacing the glass or crystal, consider upgrading to sapphire.

Ask our watch repair service team about a complete overhaul of the mechanical and hand-wind components or learn about our pocket watch repair and restoration services. Restore your timepiece with confidence knowing a local expert will care for the piece as if it was their own. We also provide watch polishing. Watch polishing restores the appearance of the timepiece. Also, be sure to ask us about waterproofing to ensure the water-resistance of your watch.

Jewelry Repair

Every piece of womens and mens jewelry holds memories for the owner. Valentines day gifts, a wedding ring, baby jewelry, fashion jewelry, retirement day gift, and a diamond engagement ring. Regardless of how you received yours, we understand the sentimental attachment. We also believe that precious metals need to be treated with care. Jewelry manufacturing is not created equal and our test can adjust your piece accordingly.

We’re happy to service your piece and it doesn’t matter where you purchased it. Whether you buy online jewelry or work closely with a jewelry designer, regardless of how you do your jewelry buying, we can help. If you have questions, we are happy to assist you. We even have a live chat at the bottom of our site for assistance. If you’re not sure which of our stores are closer to you, contact us. We can help you select your store.

People often fear sending an item off for complete repair or complete restoration; they worry those working on the piece won’t treat it with the respect it deserves. That won’t happen when you bring your jewelry to a jewelry consultant at Watch Technicians for your jewelry repairs. Our team can be your gift guides and even engrave your piece for wedding party gifts. Every piece is treated as if it is a family heirloom that has been passed down over generations. We see many of the same common jewelry repair issues and we always provide expert jewelry repair to every piece of jewelry that comes into our local store. We can even service your entire jewelry collection or help you decide on gift ideas. If you need a trustworthy bench jeweler to explore the collection, we’d be honored to help.

Our on-site jewelers take pride in jewelry education and bring more than 80 years of combined experience to each transaction, and we combine traditional tools with the latest technology so repairs are completed quickly. In fact, same-day jewelry repair remains one of our specialties, and we strive for this goal with every job we complete. This gives you peace of mind knowing your jewelry is in good hands and will be back to you as soon as possible.

When you need jewelry repair, think of us first. Our team resizes rings, polishes jewelry, and mounts diamonds. Diamond prices can charge you an arm and a leg, servicing that piece shouldn’t have to. Our jewelry repair team helps customers who need clasp replacement, soldering, stone matching, and more. Simply give us a call or stop by our Des Peres location to discuss your needs. It doesn’t matter which jewelry store you purchased your piece from or if it was custom designed. We’ll treat your jewelry items with respect.

Customers frequently worry about the cost of the repair if repairs cost more than what the jewelry is worth. Our team assesses the damage and makes recommendations on services of benefit. Every customer receives a free one-on-one consultation and estimate, so customers feel confident about the work being done and why it is needed before any work is completed.

Ring Sizing

Imagine buying that special someone a ring and later you find it didn’t fit properly. Don’t let ring resizing hold you back from picking out the perfect item for yourself or your partner. It’s normal to need a ring to be resized every once in a while and the resizing process is easier than you think. Especially with a ring guide.

Whether it’s finding the perfect engagement ring and wedding band or fixing stone settings and earring repair, we can help. We offer repair on sterling silver bands, diamond rings, gold rings, rose gold rings, white gold rings, and every other type of ring. We’ve worked on every wedding and engagement ring styles you can think of. With the help of our same-day ring sizing service, you will be ready to wear the ring within a matter of hours.

Obviously, snug rings won’t fall off, but the ring must slide over the knuckle fairly easily. We can measure your finger at both locations and select the right size for the best fit.

Simply drop the ring off in the morning and pick it up before closing. The Watch Technicians team resizes most rings within this time frame, although complex rings might take longer. This provides both, the giver and the recipient, peace of mind knowing their treasured item will be back in their hands in no time at all.

The cost of resizing your ring depends on the ring itself due to a variety of things. But we do offer a quick turnaround time and usually, it’s a sameday ring resizing. Visit our location and bring in your ring to be evaluated by our expert jewelers and we’ll make it the correct size. We’ll give you an upfront estimate so there are no surprises when you pick up your ring. We do our best to provide same day returns. Don’t forget to ask about jewelry cleaning. Your ring will look incredible after we clean and polish it for you.

Swiss Watch Repair

Owners of Swiss watches demand excellence when it comes to their timepieces. But even top-quality precision equipment requires repair and maintenance. Finding a reliable, qualified watchmaker tends to be difficult in certain parts of the country. Individuals needing Swiss watch repair never encounter this problem. Our experts are ready and willing to help.

Swiss watch repairs range from minor to complete restorations. Owners sometimes need brand authentication of their Swiss watches when they wish to upgrade their timepiece. Others want the watch hands and markers aligned or a link added or removed. Simply ask our team, and we’ll handle the task correctly. They understand your desire to have the timepiece back and do the work in the shortest time possible.

For the best performance, take the watch in for service every three to five years. This keeps it ticking smoothly. It also helps to prevent a possible malfunction in the future. Swiss watch repair takes approximately two to four weeks and each service comes with a one-year warranty.

Our skilled watchmakers handle tasks large and small. We also finish every job by cleaning the watch and ensuring nobody can tell it was ever taken apart. When it leaves, it looks as close to new as possible.

Watch Battery Replacement

People often don’t notice when it’s a minute or two off and only discover there is an issue when they are extremely late. This is typically when the owner learns the battery needs replacement. Thankfully, watch battery replacement is quick, easy and inexpensive. Changing a watch battery looks like a simple task. But replacing a battery voids the watch warranty in many situations when the manufacturer requires this task be handled by an authorized dealer or watch repair center. Done incorrectly, the watch battery replacement could allow moisture under the glass or the back watch cover might bend during the repair.
Sometimes watch battery replacement requires special tools to prevent harm to the watch. It isn’t until the watch has been damaged that they see the importance of having a jeweler do this work. And failing to reinstall the back properly could lead to water infiltration and damage to the piece. An experienced watch repair service ensures this does not happen. Our team changes batteries for customers every day and will handle this task for you.

Watch Restoration

Watches lose their precision and shine over time. Thankfully, a watch restoration service knows exactly what needs to be done to restore the brilliance and luster of the timepiece. Whether you need antique watch repair or want a watch you purchased last year serviced, our team is ready to help.

Watch restoration tends to be needed when a watch has not been properly maintained. Wear and tear also damage these pieces because they contain hundreds of movable parts. This often leads to the need for a restoration service.

Our vintage watch repair specialists undergo training that allows them to disassemble the timepiece and assess its condition. They then tailor the service to correct any problems seen during this assessment. With the service, owners find the watch restored to mint-like condition.

Owners might find the watch restoration service calls for the precise alignment of the hands and markers. Dial refinishing or replacement of the crowns and stems is needed in some cases, and mineral or sapphire crystals might require replacement.

One thing that worries many owners is the water-resistance of the timepiece. Our team understands this and conducts water-resistance tests on every watch we restore. Gaskets might need to be replaced to ensure the timepiece maintains its original level of water resistance or other tasks that may need to be carried out.

The Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index ranks luxury watches as an excellent performing asset in terms of value appreciation. Our team always remembers this and restores the watch with this investment in mind. You can feel confident knowing your timepiece is in good hands.


Make an everyday item special with the help of our laser engraving services. People engrave jewelry with a meaningful date or their loved one’s initials, while some engrave watches with a sentimental quote or a special date. Finding the right engraving for the piece is often more challenging than finding laser engraving. But people need to take care and select a reputable company for an amazing piece the recipient will love.

Personalize any item with this technique. With the help of laser jewelry engraving, customers find etching any design onto an item is possible. The laser allows for extremely complex designs, and no detail becomes lost in the process.

Imagine engraving a photo onto a pendant. This is possible thanks to laser jewelry engraving. Would you like a family crest on a watch? Laser watch engraving makes this goal achievable. These are only two of countless possibilities. With this method, the machine never touches the item being engraved, which helps to protect its value and finish. The item to be engraved never needs to be fixed or clamped either.

The process doesn’t take much time. Customers appreciate being able to bring an item in for a last-minute engraving, knowing the job will be done in a timely manner. They also appreciate having this jewelry and watch engraving option because it is environmentally friendly. They love knowing they can have this work done while protecting our planet.

The engraving process works for other items. Inscribe a trophy or add a logo to promotional products. Personalize a picture frame to commemorate a major event in someone’s life. The ideas are endless, so don’t hesitate to ask us if you have an idea in mind.

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Jewelry and watches allow us to express our personalities and fashion sense. When not cared for properly, these same items often leave others with the wrong impression, and nobody wants that.

With proper service, maintenance, repairs and restoration, every accessory will present the right image. With the help of our team, you can always keep your watches and jewelry looking and operating its best.

Visit us or contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you. Our address, store hours, and phone number are located at the top of this page. We’re here to keep your watches and jewelry looking their best.

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