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Rhodium Plating, is a technique commonly used on white gold rings to enhance their appearance in order to provide a bright, white finish.  Over time, the rhodium will wear and your white gold jewelry will need to be re-plated.  

Your technician will begin by thoroughly cleaning your ring to remove any oils, dirt, or residue to ensure proper adhesion of the rhodium plating.  Then they will use specialized equipment to apply a thin layer of rhodium to the ring’s surface.  The skillful jewelers at Watch Technicians careful application ensures an even and consistent coating to cover all visible areas.

After rhodium plating is applied and the ring has had time to dry, your jeweler will then polish it to a high shine to bring out the brilliance added by the rhodium plating.  Upon final inspection to be sure the rhodium plating is smooth and evenly distributed, your technician will call you to schedule a pick-up.

*Special Note: With daily wear, it is recommended to have the rhodium plated once every six months to a year.  If your ring is only worn on special occasions, every two to three years will be sufficient.

Rhodium Plating

The proccese for Ring Rhodium Plating

  1. Cleaning: The jeweler thoroughly cleans the ring with a special solution and ultrasonic cleaner to remove dirt, oils,and residues. This ensures a good bond for the rhodium.
  2. Inspection: The ring is inspected for scratches or imperfections. Polishing might be done to create a smooth surface for even rhodium plating.


  1. Electroplating Bath: The ring is attached to a conducting wire and submerged in a rhodium solution. This solution contains rhodium ions.
  2. Electrical Current: An electrical current is passed through the solution. This causes the rhodium ions to adhere to the ring’s surface, forming a thin layer (a few microns).


  1. Rinsing: The jeweler rinses the ring thoroughly with water to remove any leftover solution.
  2. Polishing (Optional): A final polishing might be done to enhance the shine of the rhodium plating.

Safety Notice:

Rhodium plating solutions contain hazardous chemicals and require proper ventilation and safety gear. It’s best to leave this process to a professional jeweler who has the expertise and equipment for safe and effective rhodium plating.

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