Watch Repair Service

Expert Watch Repair Service St. Louis

watch repair services

watch repair services

Watch Repair Services Offered

Watch Battery Replacement

Watch Battery Replacement
watch repair services

Watch Battery Replacement service ranges from standard changes to our popular 5-Year Unlimited Replacement Plan. Enjoy peace of mind with our premium services, ensuring your watch battery is reliably maintained year after year. All services are completed while you wait, with no appointments needed, for all brands, for your convenience.

watch repair services

While you wait for all brands

Eco Drive – Solar – Kinetic Repair
watch repair services

All Solar and eco drive repairs and replacement of the rechargeable battery inside your watch.

When it comes to solar, eco-drive and kinetic watches, each has a symptom to let you know the battery needs to be recharged. While kinetic watches are charged by motion, eco-drive and solar are charged by ambient light. Let our experts help diagnose your symptoms, charge or replace the rechargeable battery inside.

watch repair services

Citizen & Seiko Watches

Quartz Movement Repair
watch repair services

Quartz (Battery) Movement Repair involves expert servicing of watches powered by quartz movements, which rely on batteries. This service includes diagnosing and fixing or replacecing the movement, or battery replacement, and ensuring accurate timekeeping. Our skilled technicians handle everything from simple fixes to complex repairs, ensuring your quartz watch operates seamlessly.

watch repair services

Battery replaced and still not working ?

Watch Band Resizing Or Replacement

Watch Band Adjustment
watch repair services

Watch Band Resizing or Adjustment service provides quick, while-you-wait adjustments for a perfect fit. Our technicians expertly resize and modify all band types, ensuring comfort and style on the spot.

watch repair services

While You wait, No appointments needed

Watch Band Replacement
watch repair services

Watch Band Replacement service offers a vast selection of bands in-store, catering to both men and women. Our extensive range includes various colors and materials, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every style and preference. Whether you seek a classic leather strap, a sleek metal bracelet, or a modern silicone option, our collection accommodates all tastes. This service not only revitalizes the look of your watch but also ensures comfort and durability, seamlessly blending functionality with fashion.

watch repair services

While you wait for all brands

Watch Band Repair or Clasp Replacement
watch repair services

Watch Parts Repair & Servicing

Mechanical Or Hand Wind Service
watch repair services

Mechanical or Hand Wind Watch Repair is a precise process that rejuvenates these intricate timepieces. Skilled technicians disassemble the watch, clean away all old oil, and inspect each component. A key step involves replacing the mainspring, crucial for accurate timekeeping. Each part is then meticulously reassembled, lubricated with fresh oil, and calibrated. This blend of technical skill and craftsmanship ensures the watch not only functions perfectly but also retains its classic elegance.

watch repair services

Professional Repair for hand-wound and swiss watches

Watch Hand & Marker Alignment
watch repair services

Let our experts make sure your watch hands are in proper alignment. We can fully diagnose any issues and address them accordingly.

watch repair services

Watch hand and marker alignment experts.

Stem And Crown Repair
watch repair services

Essential components of mechanical watches include the stem and crown. Both work together to control watch movement and can become damaged over the years. Our expert watchmakers are here to help, whether your watch is in need of stem and crown repair or replacement.

watch repair services

Crown not screwing in or moving hands anymore?

Crystal / Glass Repair
watch repair services

Crystal Glass Repair involves the delicate replacement or restoration of the watch’s crystal – the clear, protective glass cover. Skilled technicians assess the damage and select the appropriate type of crystal, whether sapphire, mineral, or acrylic, to match the original design and function

watch repair services

Scratched or cracked glass repair

Watch Restoration and Cleaning

Pocket Watch Services
watch repair services

Pocket Watch Service meticulously revitalizes vintage timepieces from renowned brands such as Illinois, Elgin, and Waltham, among others. This comprehensive process includes cleaning, oiling, mainspring replacement, and crystal replacement if needed. Precise calibration is conducted to ensure their timeless elegance and accuracy are impeccably maintained.

watch repair services

Family Heirlooms & vitage restorations

Vintage / Antique Restoration
watch repair services

Watch Restoration, expertly done in-house, breathes new life into family heirlooms and cherished timepieces. Our comprehensive service includes cleaning, repairing, and replacing worn parts, all while maintaining the watch’s original character. We specialize in reviving the beauty and functionality of each piece, ensuring it continues to be a treasured keepsake. Trust us to preserve your memories and keep your story ticking. Visit us today to restore the glory of your timeless treasures.

watch repair services

Time Rekindled: Professional Watch Restoration Services.

Water Resistant Testing
watch repair services

Ensure the longevity of your watch’s water resistant with our comprehensive water resistant testing service. called a pressure test allowing us to identify any leaks in the watch, to confidently enjoy aquatic activities without compromising its performance.

watch repair services

Dive Deeper: Pro Water Resistance Testing

Dial Restoration
watch repair services

The dial, commonly known as the face, is what displays the time on the watch.  Restoration & Repair focuses on rejuvenating the face of your watch, where time is both displayed and observed. This delicate process involves meticulously restoring or replacing the watch dial, addressing issues like fading, scratches, or damage. Our skilled technicians use a blend of traditional methods and modern precision to ensure the dial retains its original beauty and readability. Whether it’s enhancing legibility or reviving vintage designs, our service ensures your watch’s dial looks as timeless as it functions.

watch repair services

Dial Restoration & refinish

Case & Band Polishing
watch repair services

Elevate the appearance of your timepiece with our Watch Case & Band Polishing service, where our dedicated artisans carefully renew the finish, leaving your watch looking polished and pristine.

watch repair services

Timeless Brilliance: Professional Watch Case & Band Polishing.


Very friendly and
knowledgeable staff
watch repair services

Always leave satisfied with their services– watch repair, simple battery replacement and even had my wife’s wedding band and ring soldered together and she was extremely happy with the end result. Highly recommended

Quick and efficient

watch repair services

I bring all my watches here to be serviced and refinished these guys do great work, brought in my dads Rolex DateJust that he left me, they restored it for me, glass replaced and services and polished

Always a positive experience!

watch repair services

I have 4 Invicta watches. I’m a bigger guy (6’4″, 290lbs) and like the bigger watches that don’t look tiny on my wrist. I can’t even get anyone around me to even change the battery on the Invicta watches. On top of that, …more

watch repair services

Free Repair Quote

Receive a hassle-free, obligation-free, and complimentary estimate for our services. We ensure transparency and customer satisfaction right from the start.

watch repair services

Repair Warranty

Our commitment to quality and trust is unwavering. Every service we provide is accompanied by a comprehensive warranty. Should any issue arise as a result of our repair work during this period, rest assured that we will address it promptly and diligently

watch repair services

Walk-Ins Welcome

All Our Watch Repair Services Done In House:

  • Seiko
  • Solar & Kinetic
  • Citizen
  • Eco drive
  • Movado
  • Omega
  • Ebel
  • Rolex
  • Tag Heuer
  • Fossil
  • Shinola
  • Michael Kors
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Bulova
  • Casio
  • G-Shock
  • Armani Exchange
  • Swiss Army
  • Diesel
  • Michele
  • David Yurman
  • Gucci
  • Zodiac
  • Breitling
  • Philip Stein
  • Raymond Weil
  • Baume & Mercier
  • Hamilton
  • Elgin
  • Invicta
  • Nixon
  • Victorinox
  • Luminox
  • Waltham
  • Illinois
  • Accutron
What types of jewelry and watches do you repair?

We repair a broad range of jewelry items including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. As for watches, we handle everything from luxury brands to everyday wear watches. Whether it’s a simple battery replacement or intricate restoration, we’ve got you covered.

Do you provide a warranty or guarantee for the repair services?

Absolutely! All our repair services come with specific warranty. If there’s any issue related to our repair within this period, we’ll rectify it at no additional cost.

How long will my repair take?

The repair timeline can vary based on the nature of the issue. However, most repairs are completed within few hours or a few days, We’ll provide a more accurate estimate once we assess the item.

How do you ensure the quality of the repairs?

Our technicians undergo rigorous training and are certified by leading institutions. We use state-of-the-art equipment and genuine parts to ensure the highest quality of repair. Each item goes through a thorough quality check before being returned.

How long have you been in the watch and jewelry repair business?

We’ve been proudly serving our community with top-notch repair services for over 20 years. Our team combines decades of expertise to ensure the best care for your items.

How do you determine the cost of a repair?

The cost is determined based on the complexity of the repair, the materials required, and labor involved. We always provide a detailed estimate before beginning any work to ensure transparency.

Do you offer mail-in repair services?

Yes, we offer a secure mail-in repair service. Simply send your item using our recommended packaging guidelines, and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll keep you updated at every step of the process.

How can I be sure my diamond or gemstone won’t be swapped?

We understand the sentimental and monetary value of your items. Our processes are designed to maintain utmost transparency. You can note any unique features of your gemstone before sending it in. Additionally, our facilities are under constant surveillance, ensuring the safety and integrity of your items.