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Rolex Watch Repair in St Louis

  • Crown & Stem Repair 
  • Crystal Replacement 
  • Watch Band Or Clasp Repair 
  • Polishing Band & Case  
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  • All work done in house
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You should only trust an expert experienced to handle your Rolex. Watch Technicians are experienced and provide high quality servicing to any Rolex piece. We provide quality Rolex watch repair in St Louis and its surrounding areas.

Rolex watches are the most popular watch brand in the world. Known for their superior quality and elegant shapes. They’re based in Geneva, Switzerland, known for using pure metals for its watchmaking.

Hundreds of collectors every year flock to Switzerland for the opportunity to find a vintage Rolex somewhere in pawn shops and old estate sales.


The cost of the repairs depends on the services provided. Other factors include the age and condition of the watch. For most modern Rolex watches, a complete overhaul from a certified Rolex repair center can range anywhere between $399 and up.

Smaller repairs and minor restoration work can range anywhere from $100 to $800 depending on the age and condition of the watch. It is wise to have your watch inspected before the service appointment. We need to evaluate the condition, potential damages to the watch, and if the timepiece is secondhand or previously owned.

New watches will not need servicing for at least a 3-5 years if the timepiece is cared for and properly wound.

A vintage or secondhand timepiece will need evaluation as soon as possible. We need to ensure the watch is in working condition and assess damages to any of the internal mechanisms.

Vintage Rolex watch repair may cost more than this estimate. It depends on the inlays, condition of the band, and functionality of the timepiece’s internal mechanisms.

Your Rolex watch needs evaluation for necessary repairs and maintenance before a technician services it. Rolex watches that are damaged or malfunctioning and are still within their warranty may be covered by the manufacturer.

If your watch is past its warranty period, a certified Watch Technician can evaluate the damages and estimate the Rolex watch repair services in Des Peres.


Rolex’s are known for their hefty price tag. It’s no wonder that many will try to pass off fake ones as the real thing.

There are many things you can check for, but we recommend bringing it in to us so we can verify its authenticity.

A few of the known identifiers include:

  1. The crown logos.
  2. Serial Number.
  3. The smooth second hand.
  4. The case back should be free of markings including etchings or engravings.
  5. Ensure its authenticity and bring yours in to Watch Technicians today.


Our team is ready to assist you for all of your Rolex servicing needs.

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